Welcome to the world’s most stupid city development

The engineers that built this city were idiots. 

When they came to this place and decided to build a city they pulled out their plans for the countless cities they have been building along the way in the great planes. What has worked once will work again. It has proven its value. They laid out their rectangular street plans. Construction works were hard, there were all these hills they had to work their way up. But in the end they did it, the new city was beautiful. It had all these steep roads reaching for the skies and falling down again into the abyss. From the hilltops you could look down straight alleys extending over hill after hill like an ocean wave. Was it the engineers fault that those bloody horses were not strong enough to pull wagons up there? Later they found out why in other parts of the world they would not build straight roads in hilly places but roads climb along the ridge and have switchbacks. So they decided to do that as well, they had hills here, right? They did Lombard street.

Then some smart guy came along and replaced the horses by cables. That works better than Lombard street. But as with all public transport systems around here they build it, then they stop evolving it and it becomes impractical, old and inefficient.This one, because it’s special and beautiful it became even more useless because it has been taken over by tourists. If on my way home after I have to queue at the stop and wait in line after thousands of Europeans and Asians I would switch to… cycling because it’s me, Uber if it’s any other person.


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