Cycling SF

​This city has the worst streets I have been cycling on in my life. Not because of the hills. Some streets are just too steep to cycle up (or down!), so just don’t do it. No, the quality of the pavement is horrid. There are no real roadholes, all of them have been fixed but they were fixed so badly to leave a desert of cracks and bumps behind which makes you feel like sitting in a Malagasy speedboat on its way over the bay to Masoala on a windy afternoon. And that is really bad, believe me. Or to put it in a more American way: like sitting on a young rodeo horse. How hard can it be to fix roads?  They do it in other places as well, and they leave a smooth surface.

Otherwise cycling in San Fran feels like home. Red lights are for others as they are in Zurich, and motorists don’t know why their car were equipped with these things sticking out at the side of their car. Those with the mirror in it. No wait it’s to check your make-up or whether something is sticking in your teeth.


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