Neu-Schwanstein fantasy

No, wait, it is Hearst’s castle. There are few things that are so much American than that. Think of a very (very!) rich businessman who builds a very (very!) large mansion up in a hill on his family ranch in Central California. He is well educated so he knows about history and arts and its value and collects it. Did I mention he is rich? He can essentially buy everything. He builds all kinds of ancient Greek, Egyptian statues and sarcophagi into his mansion. He is in good company, the Greeks reused ancient stones to build their modern times housesvas well… He buys wooden Renaissance ceilings to hang in his house and gothic choirs for his ballroom. All pieces are very exquisit but are not ment to be on a ranch house in California, but in Egypt, Turkey or Italy. The entire ensemble looks in part ouf of place and who would want to live in a dark, over decorated 16th century like palace in 1920, when he could have built a fine Bauhaus mansion to go with the time.

Today the Palace is a California state park. You can visit it on guided tours. Those are quite an an experience. They bake a lot of Hollywood into it, it’s all dramatic and full of grandeur from the bus ride up to the castle to the stories the guides tell you along the way, to the dinner tables set with finest china and vintage 1920 Ketchup bottles. America has a big talent in exageration, dramaturgy and story telling. Thag makes Hollywood so successful and many of their museums more enjoyable and fun to visit as their European counterparts. No wonder trends like gamification come from over here. 


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