Yosemite as you don’t know it

Yosemite NP is big, it has several parts. Most famously Yosemite valley, with its famous granite walls and waterfalls. The valley is more like a resort not a national park.

 When you travel around America “collecting national parks” as most foreigners do, (that is an observation of an hiker I met in the “other Yosemite”, not mine), the valley is the place you go to. And indeed, when I came down to the valley on my fourth day in the park, I had the fancy to cycle from the United States of America into Europe without getting wet feet. Lots of French, German, Italian, Danish, Swiss German, Russian in the air. The big walls are impressive, the waterfalls are high and pretty and Half Dome is a spectacular sight, still I would make a plea for the other Yosemite, the high Sierra parts of the park up at Tuolumne ( t-u-o-l-m-i)  Meadows

It has lovely rivers, pittoresque lakes and alpine meadows, high peaks (the highest peak of the park Mt. Dana is up there, and it is not even a granite peak) and lots of granite domes that you can walk up. Big polished granite bowls, like the round side of Half Dome that rise from the forests. Not in vain do they have the second largest campground of the States up there and most foreigners you meet up there are hikers, the PCT goes through there and of course the John Muir trail along with other shorter backcountry trails.


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