Hey you down there, Stilfserjoch

I really wanted that

I climbed Tioga pass

bike shirt. But of course all kind of Yosemite and save-our-bears-use bearproof-toilet-paper is on sale, nut no bike shirt. Down here in California people use their bikes only to show off, I see many bikes loaded on cars but no one ever cycles even on the most promising roads.  That was very different in the Pacific Northwest. There were many more local cyclists, I used to chat with them for a while when they overtook me on their road bikes. Anyhow, the climb was much easier than I thought, steady climbing over 12 miles. Then you are there, park entrance station, “welcome to Yosemite, it’s 15$, your ticket is good for 7 days, enjoy Yosemite… ” The nice summit post I expected and wanted to take a picture of  is somewhere tugged away on the entrance station. It ‘s 9943 feet aka 3031m. That is the highest pass I have ever done by bike so far.


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