Gay-Lesbian RV Club

I stayed in a private (RV) campground close to Walker yesterday. The place is just off US highway 395 and very noisy. All sites are covered with gravel. There is no shade and it does get very hot there, the valley is only around 1500m high. In fact it, is not much more than a parking lot with electricity and a wster spiget to attach your RV. There is a little store, a restaurant (open for breakfast and lunch only, they serve burgers and sandwiches),  a pool (there is also of course Walker river, which is nice and cool), free wifi for guests and showers on the property. All in all it has a amenities but no charme. I remember a campground like this in South Tyrol where we left after 5 minutes because there was no way we could pitch a tent in the hard ground. Here, I only managed because my neighbord lent_ me a hammer and in addition I helped myself to the only free site with a little bit of shade. I do not carry a Sonnenstore_ .The  countryside is dry, hot and dusty, not a particularly appealing spot. There is Walker river where you can bath and fish and some attractive places at what Americans consider “close by” ie 50 to 60 km. For an average cyclist that is more than half a day ride.  Why should anybody drive out here to stay in a motorhome or a 0815 Motel room unless for passing through and not having another option? I really wondered who are the people who spend there weekend in such a place. Wouldn’t you want to go somewhere beautyful and quiet? 

There were rainbow flags flying all over the place. I got to talk to one of my neighbors, it’s the gay-lesbian RV club on a stroll out. (There are things you never imagined that they exist.) They stay here for 4 days. Most probably they have already been everywhere else.


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