When you are done for the day, you are pretty much done for the day

“I don’t know how you have it”, said my warmshowers host in Ashland to me, “but for me, when I am done for the day, I am pretty much done for the day.” So true. And I felt very much so this afternoon when I found out that Cover Hot Spring states park was still for miles to go from Markleeville which was still 6 miles and a little climb to go from where I was. It was already 5.30pm and still around 30°C down here. So I decided to head for the next Campground which is Turtle Rock County Campground just off the highway 89 and certainly less crowded, because there is no hot spring. So no warm pool for me tonight, but an awesome Campground with the best host ever. It is 10$ for tent camping and it has a shower. So at least some water, to wash off sweat and dust before changing into clean (aka fresh from laundry) clothes. There is soap in the restrooms, (a standard up in the Pacific Northwest but missing down here in California) and even ladies sanitary products. The camp host welcomed me with a cold beer and there is a working wifi, you don’t know where it comes from, because there is nothing around here,  but it is offered to you by Alpine county. Thanx guys.

When you travel around staying on Campgrounds a lot, you always end up for the night in a beautiful place but more often than mot it is far from civilisation. So no shops, no bars/restaurants (very few states parks have these, not to mention USFS campgrounds), you have to bring in food. I would love to arrive early (say mid afternoon) at the place for the night, pitch my tent and do some writing. But nope, you have to do it somewhere on the road. Except here and in Winthrop and to be honest there was a Wifi yesterday at the Eagle Point Campground, but you have to book sites 1 or 2 to get it working. Hiker/Biker is 15, no choice.


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