We honor veterans

Strange to the Eutopean’s mind is the relationship this country has towards its military forces. They seem to be everwhere on the countries official mind. There are Afghan war veteran memorial highways and you would come across towns or county borders with signs like

Welcome to xx county

We honor veterans

Of course, when you think of it there are a lot of veterans from recent wars and how much these veterans take out of it, is doubtful. I guess it is mostly a habit of talking. A volunteer at the coast told me that after WWII they did have some re-socialisation programs for soldiers but that these doen’t exist anymore. So apart from being honored by countless signs around the country, you are pretty much alone. Suicide rates among veterans are high. But very much unlike in European countries where talking about “defending Germany at the Hindukush” is a matter of expressing the absurdity of it all, over here they really believe that their troops defend America out there. They might not have a clue why they do it and where this freakin Hindukush is anyway but it is America that is at stake. And those boys (and girls) are our heroes (as are the firefighters of course). Some places apparently lost track of all the wars, Vietnams and Hindukushes and looked for an easy way out, because ignoring is not an option.


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