Lake Tahoe hangout

I have had to take off cycling once more. After a couple of days continuousely on the road I tend to get tired of the constant rushing forward, getting up at dawn, folding up my “home” and packing everything to make enough distance before the heat sets in. I cycled up from Truckee to lake Tahoe. It was very unpleasant lots of traffic around Truckee, and once you reach the bike path its very bumpy and the closer you get to the lake it fills with people constantly falling off their bikes because they never ride but on this two days of holidays they spend somewhere with a bike path.

I was quite unsure whether I felt more like a town stop with hanging around in coffee shops and getting good food supplies or a quiet hangout on a secluded beach. So I kind of did both. I stayed at Emerald Bay states park for one day. They have hiker/biker sites and a easy walk through the forest brings you down to the lake. The water is very clear and fresh, nice for a swim or two.
 The lake is huge and the whole scenery makes you somehow forget that you are at 1900m. Mornings are very chilly sometimes I would see me breath, in the afternoon it gets around 32° C. After that quiet day I went into town which is really no special, there is a beach and some tourist shops and two miles further you can see the Nevads Casinos. The “local’s” town is west of the river close to the highway junction. That is where I found a laundry and a super market and the one nice coffee place with Wifi and real people.


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