Old-hippie new-age spa

From Washington’s many types of wayside Christian churches  I have made my way to esoteric flower power California. I am not so far from San Francisco and Sacramento here, remember? Just a couple of hours drivin man. I checked in to Sierra Hot Springs resort yesterday. The resort is run by some strange group called “New age church of Being” and it is exactly as this sounds, weird.The hot pots they have are nice, guests include all from old hippies to young hip(pie)sters and fairly normal people. I don’t know which one I qualify for. Most probabely for the naïve tourist who has no clue what is really going on. There are guys meditating naked in the water, a daughter massaging her mothers feet and shoulders passionately for hours while she is asleep you would think them lovers and not mother and daughter, fat old men breathing louder than a rhino, a group of young men in bathing suits on a weekend stroll discussing last weeks news, couples hooked together constantly whispering in each others ears. The entire atmosphere lets you not marvel at the sight of posts like:

No passion in pool.

All sexual activity in pool areas is forbidden.

We have rooms available.

It is also forbidden by live long ban from their property to drink alcohol yet along to carry it with you on their grounds.(still carrying that beer bottle in my bags… I bought it in downtown Sierraville to enjoy after the hot pots.) The use of medical (and of course all other) marihuana is also forbidden. They justify it with the supremacy of federal over states law, would be enough to say we count it as a drug and we don’t want drugs.

You can camp on their ground or they run a lodge snd a hotel in town. They have s cafe ( locally- grown -organic -quinoa -pastry type with vegan option) but yoj may use the kitchen to cook for yourself. There is a living room with “high speed” internet that crashes all the time and is as fast as an ISDN line.

All in all I don’t know whether I enjoyed the place. It was somehow quiet and relaxed but also freaky.  I will have to go to another hot spring to find out whether they are all alike.


One thought on “Old-hippie new-age spa

  1. Definitely a strange place. I guess we can be happy you infringed the rules by carrying this bottle of beer. If you got a live ban for that then I wonder what happens in the other cases?!?

    By the way, this church thing could be a way of seeking tax exemption. I read this is pretty common practice in some US states.

    Anyway, your hot pot made my day! Please go on with the good things 🙂


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