A perfect cycling day

What an awesome day.  I left Lassen early in the morning heading towards Lake Almanor. After a couple of miles I stopped at St. Bernard’s Lodge for a coffee or more precisely a second breakfast. Waiting for my omelette I saw Doug peering thruogh the window. We shared breakfast after having shared yesterday’s dinner and I went on. I had lunch, a quiet hour  reading and a swim at my private beach at Lake Almanor,  nice fresh water. I only left when I was raided by a dog. (Americans love dogs, they all have one and take them everywhere. I saw a guy taking his dog with him inside the restroom. Most of them don’t listen sh…  so thanks God they have to be leashed almost everywhere. Not at my private beach at Lake Almanor though.)
In the afternoon I came through Greenville where I stumbled upon the first real supermarket since I had left Ashland. They had fresh, FRESH! produce. Fruit! Vegetables! I got peaches for immediate relieve and an avocado for dinner. During the last days there were only these very small convenience stores where you can buy chips, chocolate, spam and fishing gear and when you get lucky a bag of pasta and oat meal.

Cycling was swift and easy. Mostly downhill or flat with lovely sights, only in the end the road started climbing again. There is normally much logging traffic along today’s route. Thanks to it being Saturday, I only saw empty logging trucks heading North. The first truck in my direction was the one that had to make a full stop behind me because it was what Americans call a narrow, winding road (a slightly winding road the size of a normal Swiss two-lane country road.) and he seemed to have overlooked the other truck coming against us when he prepared to overtake me. I just heard a big noise, turned around and there was lots of dust, the smell of hot rubber, and a big truck standing still, still wobbling up and down. Glad, he could stop that could have turned out ghastly… ending in not such a perfect day.

I stayed at a lovely but expensive campground outside Quincy. It was almost empty and after all the socialising during the last days I enjoyed  a quiet evening on my own.


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