I own a baby kazoo now. It was gift from Doug an Australian I met at the Southern entrance station of Lassen park. Doug’s daughter lives in Seattle, he came to see and buy her a car with which he now travels around. I invited him to have dinner at my campsite. I can host a party of up to 8 guests that is what I pay for on regular campsites… Doug qualifies for at least for of them.

He fetched his big two flame gas stove from his car we had rice and chilli and tea and lots of fun. If I had not known by then that he was Australian I would have thought him Irish. He is in for whatever is silly and comic. It felt good to heartily laugh at all the strange ways and habits of the Americans. Doug is a physicist as well, it turned out that I am not the only one to wonder at the loading habits of American cars. They load them to the top apparently without worrying about the draught that creates. Just push that pedal harder, will ya. Doug had gotten himself a rubber boat because all Americans carry around a boat and he has been shopping at Cabella’s to join in huntin and fishin parties. (Me too, I am part of the crowd I wear a ugly orange hunter’s vest on the highway. It is to big for me and flaps around me like a flock of birds to make the effect more drastic.)

Later in the evening Doug fetched his Ukulele and Harmonica and showed me how to “play” the Kazoo.  We entertained the campground with the Marseillaise and important tunes. He is only the second person I met after my mum to play the Ukulele.


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