Stars, stripes and rags

Yesterday people in Ashland would line Siskiyou Av. with whatever old cloth or plastic chairs they have, I thought at first it was an arts project. But they would simply reserve their spot for today’s parade. It’s July 4th. It might have been funny to see it, apparently every association in town, be it alive or close to dead takes part. But I would tire of it after an hour. And given the heat, it would be pretty hard to leave around noon only. So instead of getting a full load of Americana watching people occupy their rags, I set off early along the OR 66. 

It runs from Ashland to Klamath Falls following the historic Applegate trail. One of the wagon trails the first settlers took travelling to Oregon.  There are some historic markers along the road and a spring (Tub Spring) a cyclist that overtook me on the climbed to Green Springs advertised it as the best water in the world. It was the last place for me to get water for the next 40 miles. So I filled my bottles. The water is definitely the best I have had for weeks so I decided the statement is correct if your world extends all the way from Washington state down to Southern California.

I stayed overnight at a campground in Keno run by the PG & E. It was not very busy and I got invited to sausages, potato salad, water melon and some thing they call heavenly rice (rice, cherries and some jam) by an elderly couple from nearby Klamath Falls.


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