Ashland upon Avon

When I set off from Grants Pass yesterday morning my plan was to go towards Ashland, not for the Shakespeare but to join the Adventures cyclists Sierra Cascade route. That is the one that goes right through Crater Lake, Lassen, Yosemite and Sequoia National parks. (I have been on it before, it goes over Washington pass, though I didn’t know that at the time.)

My legs felt like a jar of pudding and my mind protested immediately against any kind of cycling. I pushed and dragged myself along a bike trail all the way to Ashland.  I had planned to go to the Emigrants lake campsite a couple of mile outside Ashland. But having finally finished my shopping, the daily fruit ratio and an icecream at the Ashland Food Coop, I kind of crashed and panicked at the prospect of riding one more mile and at the idea that the campground might be full (that damn July 4th..) and that they would not let me stay (it ain’t the coast and no states park…) All hotels were full, so I called a warmshowers host, right from his doorstep. That is not very polite and the chance of him answering very small. But he did. He ket me stay one more night, so that I could hang my legs a bit in Ashland and try out some of its hippie coffee places. And he came up with a couple of new ideas how I could avoid an apparently heavily frequented part without shoulders  of hwy 89. So the next days I will do some Rees special.


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