Oregon states parks rock

At least along the coast they deserve all praise! They have these so called hiker biker sites, which are reserved for travellers without motor support and cannot be booked in advance, it’s first come first serve and they cost 5 to 6$ per person. I have never experienced one full. At Umpqua lighthouse states park we were 4 groups, that is two of them single parties but one a group of four, there were not many sites but the rangers or park hosts don’t really care you book yourself in and that’s about it. The others were bigger and less frequented. Of course that might change in July…  They have warm showers for you to use and no irrigation. Along the coast there is a fully equipped park roughly every 40 miles so even if you go slow you will make it. 

Most of the sites are in forest grounds which id good because it is less humid and your tent dry in the morning. In the first one I stayed, Fort Stevens state park close to Astoria they gave me a map showing all the Oregon Coast bike route, published by ODOT. The map is now in pieces and ready to be trashed but you wouldn’t need to buy anything on your own. (I had found and bought the adventure cycling map at Powells in Portland) Nobody else had the ODOT map, I don’t know why they gave it to me. I didn’t ask for not knowing that it existed. Maybe I looked so lost…

The only thing they lack to make you happy is a place to sit at the shelter from rain and wind and a Wifi, all this commodities seem to be only available at Barns bicycle camping close to Winthrop. 


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