Dunes day


It was a day wih lots of wildlife and lots of sand. At the Carl G. Washbourne states park a had a wonderful campsite in the forest, without any companions than a party of up to 3 Steller blue jays, very beautiful but very rascal birds (The ranger told me that one of them once picked his grandma’s head and she was all covered in blood.), and a Chipmunk that would run under my tent. So the next morning to round it up, I stopped at the Sea lions caves.

It was a good way to say goodbye to the sea for a while since the highway leaves the coast once you approach the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area,  an extended area with massive sand dunes.  The riding itself is mostly through forest,  so not really that spectacular,  especially because these are no longer the lush rain forests from up north. From time to time you may have a glance at the dunes themselves. But obviously it does not make sense to build a highway on sand…
The Jessie M  Honeyman states park which I passed around noon has direct access to the dunes,  so I took the time to warm my feet on the sand and climb some of the hills.  They rent sand boards,  so the first dune you climb is busy like a ski resort but once you leave that ridge and go on,  you are all on your own,  off piste. Inside the park motorised vehicles are not allowed on the dunes,  but once you reach border,  beware the main distraction around here are sand tours with quads and other sand proven motorised vehicles…


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