What a beauty…

…this coast line is.
There was an article in the last Velojournal by two guys who did essentially the same journey as I do. They started in Vancouver BC and wanted to ride down the coast until San Francisco. After following Hwy 101 along the Washington coast they were so fed up with the traffic that they left the coast at the Oregon border and went inland. So far, I am pretty much convinced my choice was better (going inland through Washington state and follow the Oregon coast line)
This coast (and the highway!) really are very scenic. It starts out with long sandy beaches occasionally guarded by solitary rocks, memories of an ancient coast line washed away by the tides a long time ago.


There are muddy bays where people dig for clams and you see herons and eagles looking  for prey. They have a greenish touch in the occasional sunshine.
Later on it gets wilder. There are cliffs where the ocean wildly bursts against at high tide. Millions of birds nest in those rocks. I had a chat with some ladies who observe several species to study whether commercial fishing has any influence in their breeding success. They let me look through their telescpe to see the the small ones in the nest.


The highway 101 at its best climbs over capes at the very edge of land giving way to spectacular views over beaches, hills, cliffs and the ocean.
Sometimes its hard to make good progress because you want to stop and look at the scenery every instant. One great view chases the next one.
Only the sun seems to be a rare guest. So far I have only once had the pleasure of quietly sitting at the beach without it beeing too windy or rainy or simply too cold in general.


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