Rockaway beach rocks

What else could you do after a day of endless and more rain than stop somewhere in Pacific Sea resort get a nice room with covered entrance (aka bike garage) and private bath (aka drying cabinet for wet tents, clothes and shoes) in a inn at the roadside and have a great traditional meal from the local smokery:


Fish & chips & beer

Best fish and chips in my life, honestly. Maybe because it was halibut and not cod. Cod is normally a bit slimey. They also gave me to taste their clam chowder. That is a sort of bechamel sauce with some vegetables and clam in it. Didn’t like it too much. So fish and chips it was, and beer from Eugene, in a paper bag of course.
First I wanted to go on until Garibaldi or even Tillamook, but when I came to Rockaway beach the rains ceased a bit and I had a look at the beach. When I saw those rocks I decided to stay and hope for nice evening light at the beach.


Rockaway beach rocks

It was a good choice, the Inn had the best bed I encountered so far (not as soft as a mashmellow). There  is a long sandy beach to the open sea whereas the other two are “real” towns not beach resorts and  tucked away in a bay, not much different from any other small American towns.


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