Road courtesy

Dear motorist, the only reason you may ever honk when passing a cyclist on the road is to advert her of imminent real and life-threatening danger.
That is NOT to advert her of you passing her. If this is real life threatening danger then YOU DO SOMETHING WRONG. And mind you, she knows you are coming because everywhere outside your airconditioned and comfortable limousine your engine cannot be overheard. YOU ARE LOUD BY EXISTENCE. It is neither to tell her how cool you find her cycling along that highway. SHE DOESN’T CARE. So keep that joy quiet. It is certainly not because she is going sooo slooow uphill and is in your way, for this your breaks are the appropriate means. Your silly and sudden honking will startle her, she might twist in a unforeseeable way which causes IMMINENT LIFE-THREATENING DANGER.


One thought on “Road courtesy

  1. Give me his address. I’ve got Russian friends you know 😉

    That was my usual Dummer Spruch. Now frankly I seriously hope you’re fine Alfadrottning. Everything OK by now? Of course I find this disgusting!


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