Columbia River gorge

Yesterday I took a side trip to the Columbia River gorge. To shorten the ride I took the blue MAX line towards Gresham to 181th from and rode down SE Hasley street  into Troutdale. (There are buses going even further, but they don’t seem to run frequently, I wasn’t overtaken by a bus in 10 miles). It is shorter to go via Burnside street, SE Stark St from one stop further, that is 188th. You then hit the historic Columbia river highway when you go straight on Stark’s all the way to the bridge over Sandy river. Bikes on MAX are free.
I only went as far as Multnohmah falls stopping on all the waterfalls in between. The highway is easy to ride, some holiday traffic but not too heavy. It starts up on the cliffs and then drops down to the river after Vista House.
I was overtaken by a Google street view car on the historic somewhere between Corbett and Portland Women’s Forum, so chances are that you might find me…


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