Portland, OR

I locked my bike to a bike stand on NE Alberta street. There was already a bike there. It had a Brooks saddle, a leather saddle bag, leather bandage on the handlebar, wooden fenders. When I walked down Alberta street I crossed a guy wearing a wooden helmet and wooden glasses and a vintage leather bag. I instantly assumed it was his bike. And it was.
Also, I am not really sure how many tattoos it takes to make you a real Portlander…

I have seen some very nice neighborhoods full of hip bars and coffee and other shops, streetfood at every corner, breweries all over. There are lots of cyclists and the cars are quite respectful, isch nöd Züri, weisch… Portland rushhour feels a bit like Copenhagen, bike lanes are full… But there is also a (to me!) shocking amount of homeless people. They carry all their possessions in a backpack, a shopping cart, or some bags. They roll out there sleeping bags on the sidewalks in Chinatown/Oldtown at night, amidst young hip Portlanders chatting outside the bars. Most of them are either completely drunk or stoned with you-don’t-wanna-know-what or crazy. I have seen some of them in Vancouver and in Seattle, but they are far more numerous here.


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