Seattle, WA

Seattle is mostly container terminals, cranes, railway tracks, railway crossings, 4 tracks at a time, occasional cargo trains moving slowly, endlessly from one track to another, steadily whistling. And somewhere in the background there are is the skyline of downtown.


I have to admit I stayed at a Motel just SoSoDo. That is South of (South of Downtown). And SoDo still is a industrial area. You can buy kitchens, baths, restaurant and bakery equipment, wholesale is the thing here, apart from craft breweries, nice little delis and corean take aways. I stumbled over the Starbucks and OR headquarters on my way to the motel. It also hosts a funny museum founded by Paul G. Allen that displays all kinds of historic computers. They are there alive waiting for you to play around with them.
The city is a terminal for several railways, that makes for several cargo terminals and of course, there is the Amtrak station on Kings street.
Once I was here I took a day off my bike, left sports to others and strolled a bit around in town. The historical area around Pioneer square is nice, old brick buildings, the public market is also fun, it has several storeys, as has the highway 99 bridge along the waterside.


I went to an interesting museum run by the U.S. national park service on the Klondike goldrush. It is free and very well done. Seattle was the starting point for ships going up to Alaska. What you can learn from the exhibition: If you want to make a fortune in a goldrush then don’t go there for mining, go there to set up a service company, a hotel, a store, clothing, etc. There are several Seattle based companies whose foundation is linked to the Klondike goldrush like the Nordstrom department store or Filson outdoor clothing.


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