In Europe villages have a church which is visible from far and well distinguishable from other buildings by its shape. They ring their bells whenever time or tradition demands it, to remind you of their presence. Depending on where you are, you know the affiliation of the church, whether it is catholic or orthodox or lutheran… Bigger places have different kinds. All is well ordered and the landmarks clearly set. Here, there is no such thing. I have only come across church-like looking, imposing buildings in bigger cities. But there are churches all over, they greet you in form of a panel:

x-y-z Church
Prayers at 5pm
Service by pastor Jack Sparrow Sunday 10am
Everybody welcome

from every corner of the road, in front of any kind of unsuspicious looking building. They are numerous. But you never know what you have to expect in case you showed up. At least I don’t. That is what makes them suspicious to me.


2 thoughts on “Churches?

  1. Grüezi wohl! Nur weil hier niemand was schreibt: ich lese alles fleissig mit!! Sehr spannend (…eine Karte wäre noch hilfreich gewesen… 😉 ). Keep posting! …und weiterhin: Kette rechts!


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