Head winds

Ever since I came down from Washington pass I am in for some head winds. Yesterday I did get really ennoying. The winds are not steady but come with strong gusts. Me personally I prefer climbing to fighting the wind. The wind is very dry, that is good for your laundry it dries in an instant but bad for you, you constantly ride with a ver dry mouth.
The landscape on the Eastern side of the Cascade range is very different. Broad hills, most of them deforested. There must have been wood once. You can see sometimes that erosion is a problem. It conveys much more this wild west feeling: hills and above it those wide open skies.


Towards Winthrop, Methow valley.

Farming lands are all irrigated, so are the flashy green lawns around the houses. I cycled down along Methow river at first to then hit the Columbia around Pateros. There must have been forest fires in the Methow valley in the last years, lots of dead trees. It makes a incredible contrast the black trunks and the fresh green of early summer.
On it goes along the Columbia. This is fruit producing country, orchards along the road and at many houses they sell ripe cherries and apricots.
Around Winthrop and Twisp I met quite a few cyclists, most of them are headed East. One of the across America trails seems to go along there. Now southwards I am on my own. No “official” bike route? (With “official” I mean, its in a book somewhere…) Or do they just avoid the wind?
There is just cars, fruit trucks (mind you, they are horrible…) and me. At a Cafe along the road where I stopped I met at least 3 we-love-cycle-touring parties. They came talking to me, but when they sit in their cars passing you at  high speed there is no way you can tell the difference between them and normal petrol heads.


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