Washington Pass

All in all it was an 80 miles ride yesterday, mostly flat and some climbing from Newhalem up to the campsite and around 60 miles today including the passes. It is no where steep, it is more the soft climbing mixed with straight streches that kills you. I had kind of a fight to get up to Rainy Pass because I expected it to come earlier. (It is around mile 156), I always waited for the road to go up but it hardly did. Instead of gaining altitude you gain miles, and this very slowly because it the highway climbs neverteheless. After that Washington Pass is easy: a short downhill a short climb. Voila. As you expect a pass to be.


Washington pass

The downhill is great. It starts with a real hairpin, but one so wide that there is no need for breaking. No need for breaking in general because it is nowhere steep enough to become dangerous.
I stay for the night at a bicycle campsite between Mazama and Winthrop. It is left of the highway, watch for the sign. Very nice place with all you need: drinking water, compost toilet, solar powered hot shower Wifi and fridge.


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