S’more and fire

Yesterday at Colonial Creek campsite I learned how to make a proper S’more. The campsite costs 16$ a night but during that rainy day I had spend all my little money in occasional hot coffee and tea with Wifi connection. So all I had was a 20$ bill.

I went to my neighbours to ask whether they could change it, not with great hopes but it turned out they could putting all their small pieces together. In the end I payed with an envelope full of quarters (it hardly fit into the slid) and got invited to Spaghetti with roasted bagles and… S’more.
We had a lovely evening at their campfire, I learned that Winthrop is a proper Western town with wooden sidewalks (still looking forward to this..) and there is an arts museum somewhere near Goldendale and an observatory, and that Washington is a wine region.

The more people I meet the more ideas I get about where to go and what to do. Everybody has his or her favorites along my route.


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