Getting serious

For the last two days I have started to do some serious cycling.  On Wednesday I went up from Port Angeles to Heart o’ the Hills campsite in the Olympic Mountains National Park pitched my tent there cooked something and then went on all the way up to Hurricane Ridge. In both of my guide books they describe that as a very tough ride. Its not steep but a horribly long climb.  Those miles just don’t pass… It was foggy and chilly cold I considered the option of returning several times but then the fog cleared and the views in the evening lights were spectacular.
Yesterday I went on from Port Angeles to Port Townsend.  There is a bike path called the Olympic Discovery which let’s you avoid the highway until somewhere behind Sequim Bay.  It’s lovely but on the downside it kind of multiplies the miles you are doing,  going back and forth and in twisting around.  I ended up doing ca. 100km. They have free bike maps.  I got the first part at a bike shop in Port Angeles and the follow up from a ranger at Sequim Bay states Park.


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