Welcome to the United States

The first unfriendly person I met on this trip was the American customs officer at the Coho ferry terminal in Victoria. But they are probably trained to be this way.  Anyhow his colleague at the other side made up for him.  He seemed to like me and kindly ignored the fact that I was carrying an apple where I did not know where it has grown only that it was purchased in Canada. He even explained to me how to find the bike path. But why on earth do the United States need to have a border control on both sides of the strait.  No Canadian officers on neither side. 
(The apple was produced in USA btw, but this I only found out when I ate it later.)

There is this other strange thing: why do they so often at immigration insist on having a local address? If travel around what is this good for? If don’t even know where you are going? In countries like Cuba where they track your whereabouts I understand it but here? Probably you could give just any address. The White House?..


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