Salt Spring Island

I set off this morning towards the  Tsawwassen ferry terminal, just south of Vancouver. The ride there was as  unspectacular as I expected, a Canadian suburbs sightseeing tour.  First through some nice residential areas in South Vancouver all along one of these lovely bike routes:  Trees,  two storey houses, cars and pickups in front of them,  almost no traffic on Sunday morning. Once you reach the first branch of the Frazer river all loveliness ends. I crossed it on Knights bridge on a sidewalk hardly the width of my handlebars.


Bike/pedestrian Lane on Knights Bridge

After that there is Richmond: Shopping malls, commercial areas and Ikea,  lovely Spreitenbach of Vancouver, only that everything is way oversized.

The second branch of the river can only be passed through a tunnel where bikes are not allowed.  There is a small bus shuttle that sets you and your bike over. It runs once every hour. Road No. 5  leads you there. You have to turn left shortly after crossing Stevenston Hwy into a side road that doesn’t look like leading anywhere. There is a sign…
Road No. 5 is reasonable to cycle and you must be well guarded from all evil. It quite shows off all major religions you could possibly imagine: starting with a Tibetan monastery,  next to it there is a Vedean temple, at least one church,  a mosque,  some other Indian temple,  some more Chinese thing,  a Jewish school. You name it, it’s there. One after the other,  like pearls on a necklace.  Big colourful buildings,  mostly gold plated.  We should get a similar upgrade to Spreitenbach.

The ferry to Salt Spring Island takes roughly three hours.  Lovely cruise between the Southern
Golf islands. I even saw my first orcas!
If you look for them in the Salish sea, just follow the whale watching boats.


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