This post is quite out of temporal order.  It should actually be the first on American soil…
Vancouver is a pleasant city,  very green and easy to go around by bike. My AirBnB was conveniently located in East Vancouver (Or yeast-Van they say, because there is a little craft beer brewery at every corner…) right on the Adanac bike route, approximately 15 min from downtown.
I visited two of these breweries: Bomber’s because it was right on my way home and Storm because they recommended it to me at Bomber’s.  Storm is the oldest craft brewery of Vancouver.  I wouldn’t say that the beer is really good, they have a lot of flavored stuff from lime to cucumber and they frequently try new things.  It’s more for the fun of strange flavors and the atmosphere you go there.  Their tasting room is right in the middle of the brewery and you can taste 6 beers for what you tip.  Fun and busy place, and to remind you of new world customs you are not allowed step over the door step holding a beer. 
There are a lot if hip food trucks and coffee shops selling organic and local you-name-it. All in all it has this urban organic vegan hip  Berlin style atmosphere,  or to stay on right side of the Atlantic ocean: Portland style. All what’s cool young hip and urban is copied from after Portland, I have been told. So I will have to go there an see the original…

Cycling is quite easy in the city.  With lots of bike routes we few traffic,  there exists a cycling map which shows them all.  When I arrived they had bike-to-work week,  just like in Switzerland only that we do it for one month. And they apparently  also have very much the same problems:


I have been all over from very residential Kitsilano with its beautiful beaches to the rundown area around Hastings.
I loved Chinatown with all the strange and inexplicable things you find in the shops. It starts with pepper and dried herbs and ends with things you don’t want to know what it really is…
As always there are the things every guide book talks about and you can easily forget about,  like the market on Granville Island: Expensive,  crowded and made up for tourists. The most useful thing in that region is Stephenson that sells Marine alcohol (aka Spiritus) for your Trangia.
For markets you better look for any of the local farmer’s Street market or stroll along  Commercial Drive.


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